Frequently Asked Questions

Selling or letting your property privately

I have already instructed an estate agent to sell my property, can I still use
Because Flat Fee is a marketing portal it doesn’t affect Estate Agent packages, so you can still engage an agent as a ‘sole agent’ and continue to use Flat Fee. You shouldn’t have to pay the agent any fees if you find a buyer yourself. However, make sure you read the small print well, as some agents will try and get you to sign up to a “Sole Selling” contract. This means that it doesn’t matter who sells your property, you will still have to pay the Estate Agent their fee.

How can I tell if I’m on a sole agency or a sole selling contract?
Many sole agency agreements/letters sent out by agents do not make it clear that it is a sole selling arrangement because those precise words and indeed their meaning are never included and explained in the agreement.  If you are in any way unsure about the terms of the agreement with the agent, you should seek advice from your lawyer.
Do I have to use an Estate Agent by law?
No.  There is no law stating that you have to use an Estate Agent to sell your property.  Many people are now selling their properties privately.

Do I have to have to pay commission to sell my property?
If you decide to use to sell your property there is no commission.  All you will pay is a one off fee to market your property on the website.

How will you market our property?
We are committed to ensuring that has the highest possible profile in Jersey.  To aid this we utilise all types of advertising including local newspaper and radio and advertising and even local events such as the boat show.  This ensures that we maintain a large number of visitors to our sites which in turn provide the high visibility that our customers require to help sell their property.

About’s service

How does the service work?
It really is easy!  Just create a listing on the website to either sell or let your property and it will be displayed on the website.  Buyers and renters will be able to contact you directly to arrange viewings or make offers.  You can choose to either publish your contact details on the website or use our in built message system to protect your privacy.

How long can I keep my property listed on the website?
You can list your property on the website until it is sold or let, or until you decide to remove it, with no additional ongoing charges.

How long will it take for my property to be listed on the website?
As soon as you as make your payment the listing will appear on the website.

Can I amend my listing once I have uploaded it to the website?
Yes.  Simply log in and you will be able to amend any details relating to your listings.

Can I create multiple listings on the website?
Yes.  You can create as many listings as you require.  You will be charged for each listing that is made live on the website.

Who will see my listing?
Flatfee actively market our site on both the internet and via traditional methods including local radio and the Jersey Evening Post.  This will drive high numbers of prospective buyers and renters through our site. You will also be able to email your property to all of our registered buyers with search criteria that match your listing.

How will potential buyers or renters contac