If you intent to rent, let, sell or buy your will need to complete a population office application form.  You will need to receive their approval in the form of a consent letter before you can transact property or rent/let.

General advice:

•  Ask your lawyer about helping you with application form/s.  You can’t transact without population consent so most
   lawyers will want to be in control of this process.

•  The Population Office handles a vast work load.  Fill out all population forms early. 

•  If you need to rush an application through call the population office prior to sending in your form.  Courtesy works much
   better with states departments’ then hot headed frustration.

The office is situated on the Third Floor at:

Population Office
Jubilee Wharf
24 The Esplanade
St Helier

Their opening times are 9 am - 4 pm .
Call 01534 48905 for enquires or 01534 488930 for Regulation of Undertaking or “J” category applications.

Helpful links

Population Office website
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Whether you’re building a brand new house or just converting garage you’ll need to submit a planning application. The general rule is “if in doubt, call planning for advise”. Thousands of pounds can be wasted for the lack of one five minute call to the planning office. The Planning and Environment Department offer a free advisory and guidance service for anyone wishing to make a planning application. They call this “Pre Application Advice” 

Planning application process:

•   Contact the planning department for pre application advice.

•   Find out about the current Planning Fees.

•   Employ an architect to draw plans for the proposed work.

•   Find and complete the correct Application forms. A good Architect should help with this.

•   Find a good builder (normally through recommendation) and provide them with a start date of around three to four months.

•   Once plans have been submitted and you have been notified by letter you will need to display a Site Notice sign somewhere 
    visible to the public for no less than 30 days.

•   On planning approval the work may then require